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When a criminal case is lost at trial, you have the right to have it reviewed on appeal. If you plan to appeal your conviction, hiring an experienced appellate lawyer is essential. The appellate lawyers at Hart Jarvis Murray Chang PLLC know both how to make a record at the trial court level and how to identify, develop, and persuasively brief and argue issues on appeal.

If you need an appellate lawyer, call (206) 866-2944 to discuss your case for free. You can also contact Hart Jarvis Murray Chang PLLC online.

Appeals in Washington State

The outcome of a trial is not always the end of litigation. The appellate process is designed to ensure that the law was applied correctly and a fair trial occurred. The appellate process is complex, and it is important to seek representation from a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the process and the rules of appellate procedure. Our attorneys can evaluate your case both to uncover errors of law and ensure the proper procedures were followed.

Our attorneys have handled matters before:

  • The Court of Appeals
  • The Washington Supreme Court
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Our appellate attorneys in Seattle are equipped to handle every aspect of your appeal from the initial filing of the Notice of Appeal to its conclusion. As your appellate advocate, we will consult your trial attorney for issues that may have been raised throughout your trial. In addition, we consider the legal errors you believe may have occurred in your case.

Taking a Team Approach to Your Case

The attorneys at Hart Jarvis Murray Chang PLLC have well over four decades of combined experience representing clients at trial and on appeal. Additionally, we have developed a network of attorneys we regularly consult with in order to persuasively prosecute your appeal. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the appellate process.

We encourage you to contact us online or at (206) 866-2944 to discuss your right to appeal in a free consultation.

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